how to delete a POF account on an android phone

Top Answer: How to delete a POF account on an android phone

  • Log into your Plenty of Fish account.
  • Click the Help button that is located at on the right side of your screen.
  • There’ll be a menu of options on the left right-hand side of the screen. select ‘Remove profile.
  • Click on the link below the heading “Delete your profile on POF’.

How to Delete POF Account on Mobile | Plenty of Fish

How To Delete POF Account 📲| Delete Your Plenty Of Fish Account

How do I erase my POF account on my phone?
Log in to your account through your POF Mobile app.Tap 3 dots located in the upper right corner of the screen. Select “Settings”.
Scroll to “Delete Account” and tap on it.
Select “Delete Account” again to confirm that you wish to erase your account.

How can I remove my POF account?
In the event that you own a paid subscription and you want to delete it, deleting your POF account won’t cancel the subscription. It is necessary to contact customer support to get assistance.

Is the deletion of the POF app erase my account?
It is true that deleting the app will not erase your account. The app’s deletion only erases your profile and stops users from accessing the application.

How do I remove my POF account?
You can erase your account by clicking on your “Settings” tab at the top of the page and clicking on “Delete Profile.

What can I do to find out when my POF account has been deleted?
It is impossible of knowing whether your POF account was deleted, without calling customer service and asking for their help.

Is it simple to cancel a POF subscription?
It is possible to cancel the POF subscription is canceled at the Account Settings page, and then click on the “Cancel Subscription” button.

How can I temporarily deactivate POF?
The easiest method to temporarily disable the account you have created is to sign into your account and then hit”Deactivate Account.” Click the “Deactivate Account” button on the right side on the page. You will be taken to a confirmation screen that will require you to confirm the decision. After confirmation, all of the information on your account will be removed from the website. To activate your account again just create a brand new account.

How do you deactivate a Zoosk account?
Zoosk is a site for dating that can be used to connect with potential partners on the internet. It offers a free membership, however, the premium membership has certain advantages. To remove your account from the site, visit your profile and then click “Settings.” You will be able to see a menu that reads “Account Settings” which you should click. In the next tab, you’ll find a button that says “Deactivate Account.” Clicking on this will permit you to delete your account.

Why has my POF account been deleted?
The most typical reason for the POF account being removed is when the user hasn’t been online for over 12 months.

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