how to clear Reddit history

Top Answer: How to clear Reddit history

  • Launch the Reddit application.
  • Tap the profile icon in the top left.
  • Click “Settings.” at the lower right on the display.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page under “Advanced” and tap “Clear local history.”
  • Click “Clear local history” on the screen that appears to conclude the procedure.

how to clear reddit history on iPhone 2022

How to delete Browsing History on Reddit

Do you have the ability to delete your history from Reddit?
To erase all of the posts in your Reddit history, go through the “Overview” section of your account page. From there, you’ll be able to pick posts one at a time and remove them one at a time. For the most efficient method to manage your posts, use the Google extension “Nuke Reddit History.”

How can I erase Reddit app history on my iPhone?
Launch the Reddit application. Choose Settings towards the lower right of the display. Continue scrolling to the bottom and then select Clear Local History under Options to erase your browsing history in this device’s settings. Select Clear local history near the end of the screen or tap Cancel to quit without clearing the history.

Do you have Reddit App Store history?
The official Reddit application’s History tab tracks every single post you’ve clicked on.

How can I erase Reddit information?
Cleaning the cache and data of an application can increase its performance or take any bugs that are present.

How can I permanently delete Reddit?
After you have logged in to Your Reddit account, go to User Settings by clicking on the menu located at on the right. At the bottom of that page, select “Deactivate Account”. Enter your login details and choose a reason for the deletion of your account, if asked.

How do I delete my browsing history on Reddit?

  1. Open the web browser and visit
  2. In the top-left corner of the page, there should be a small gear icon. Click it!
  3. On the “Settings” section on your account’s page Click on “Privacy” at the very bottom.
  4. Now, scroll down until you come to a section that is called “History”. Here’s where all your posts from the past can be saved for future reference by anyone else on the planet, therefore make sure you’re satisfied with what’s in there prior to deleting it. Once you’re done, hit “Delete History” at the end and all the traces of all the content you’ve published on Reddit will be erased for good!

What happens when Reddit decides to remove posts it has deemed spam?
Visit and search for any information concerning reporting users or removing their posts Look for an option that reads something similar to “Reporting Users” or “Taking Down Posts” Click on this link and look down to find an area that reads “Reports are reviewed within [x] hours” Then, the x represents an amount (often it’s 24 hours).)

How can I erase Reddit information?
Log into your Reddit account Reddit using the web browser and then enter your username. Choose ‘Account’ on the menu located on the right side. Select the ‘Hot’ or ‘Top’ If nothing is displayed. Select Delete in the dropdown menu beside the post you want to delete.

How can I erase Reddit application history?
Launch the Reddit application and sign in. Choose your profile icon on the left upper corner. In the lower part of the page, select Settings. Clear local history can be selected by scrolling down and pressing it.

How can I remove Reddit secret history?
Launch the Reddit application on your smartphone. Click on your profile’s icon located in the upper left corner. In the lower part section of your screen click Settings. Clear your local history by tapping it to the left of it.

How can you delete messages on the Reddit app?
On the internet Click the trash icon next to the message you want to erase. In apps like the iOS or Android apps, simply press and hold a message you have sent prior to selecting the delete option.

How can I remove Reddit Reddit History?
Reddit is a social media website where users can share hyperlinks to their content online. Reddit also offers an option to create your own communities, also known as subreddits. These are forums on particular topics. You can delete your Reddit history by going to and clicking “Clear Data” at the bottom of the page.

Does Reddit keep History?
Reddit does not maintain an archive of all posts, however, it does keep a record of your account’s activity. If you’d like to view the content you’ve posted and commented on, visit and click My Activity.

Does anyone know Reddit historiography?
Anyone can view the details of your Reddit history. It’s public and can be viewed by anyone who clicks your profile.

Does Reddit keep track of the activity of users?
Reddit does keep track of the activity of its users. This is done to assist in their advertising and content suggestions.

Can Reddit be monitored?
Reddit can be monitored when you are aware of how to go about it. If you’re using an account that is public the activity you make is open to everyone and anyone can view it. You could also utilize a VPN and/or Tor browser to obscure your IP address and geographical location from the website.

How can I conceal the history of my Reddit History?
When you’re on a web browser, you can clean your history by clicking the “History” tab and clicking “Clear History.” If you’re using a desktop PC it is also possible to use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift H.

Is Reddit anonymity safe?
Reddit is an online social network where users can share messages and links. Reddit isn’t anonymous however, you are able to browse the site with no private information being divulged.

Is Reddit private?
Reddit is not secure for privacy. Reddit users can discover your location, identity and your browsing habits with the help extension extensions for browsers.

Is Reddit secure?
Reddit is a site with a variety of forums, also known as subreddits. There are several subreddits which are safe to work on however they are not always. Some of the more popular subreddits are r/funny, r/pics, and r/todayilearned.Reddit can be unsafe if you go to the wrong subreddit.

Does Reddit keep track of information?
It is true that Reddit is able to track your data. When you sign up for your Reddit account and log on to the site it monitors your activities and shows this data when you visit your personal page. This includes the number of times you’ve posted content, the kind of content you’ve posted and the number of times you’ve interacted with other Reddit users on the website. Reddit collects data about its users.

How can I stop the tracking feature on Reddit?
Reddit is a hugely popular website that permits users to share hyperlinks to articles, images and videos. It has a setting that is known as “Do not allow search engines to index my user profile.” This setting is available in the privacy settings on your account. If you select this option and you do, your profile will not be listed in Google searches, or in different search engines. However, this doesn’t hinder Reddit from monitoring your activities on the website.

How can I locate the user’s activity on Reddit?
There isn’t a method to trace the user’s activity on Reddit.
Reddit does not include any personal details in its URLs and the majority of subreddits don’t display the usernames of subscribers’ users.

There is only one way you can know who is the person posting on the specific subreddit is to manually go through the entire thread and look for clues as to who is the person who posted.

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