How to change PlayStation account email

Top Answer: How to change PlayStation account email

Yes, you are able to change the email address that is associated with the PlayStation Network account. But, you’ll need to provide some verification information prior to the change being made.

To begin, log into your account through the PlayStation website, and then click Account Management. Scroll down until you reach Settings from the menu on the left. After that, click Email Address and then add your newly created email address. 
You’ll then be asked for details to verify your identity. This could include the last four numbers from your Social Security number or your birth date. Once you’ve entered the information, click “Submit.” Your new email address will be changed.

How to change PSN email address in 2022

How to Change PSN Email Address on PS4 (Best Method)

How can I alter my PSN email address to another?
Yes, you are able to change your PSN email to another one. To do this, go to the Settings menu, then choose Management > Account Management > Account Info. After that, type in your new email address in the Email Address field, and then select Save. If you encounter any issues making changes to the email you use, you can contact PlayStation Support for assistance.

What happens when you alter the email you use on PS4?
If you update your email address using PS4 You will have to login to PSN using the new email address and password. If you’ve lost the password you used to sign in, then are able to restore it following the steps on the Sign In page.

Is it possible to merge two PlayStation accounts?
Yes, it is possible to combine 2 PlayStation accounts. In order to do this, you’ll have to enter your PSN username as well as the password to both of them. After merging the accounts then the username, trophies, and other details on the first account will transfer to the primary account. The process is easy and takes only several minutes.

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What is the best way to change my email address on PS4 without a password?
If you’d like to modify your email on PlayStation 4, you’re going to have to enter your password. But, if you’re not interested in entering your password, there’s an option to avoid it. First login to your PlayStation account, then go into your Account Management page. Then, click Sign-In and Security and select Email Address. After that, click on next, click on the Edit button and enter your new email address. After you’ve entered your email address you can click on the Confirm button and then wait for confirmation emails to be delivered to your new email address. After you’ve received your confirmation email from the sender, you need to open it up and click Verify Email Address or click on the Verify Email Address button.

How do you alter your email address?
You can alter the email address you use by logging into the account’s settings and altering the email address that is associated with your account.

Does changing your PSN name affect games?
There isn’t any definitive answer to this issue at the moment. Sony has not issued an official statement regarding the issue, and any assertions about the way a name change could or wouldn’t affect games are just speculation. But, there are some things to take into consideration when making this inquiry.
The games that you download through the PlayStation Store are associated with your account, and not the PSN ID. This means that regardless of which name you decide to use to sign up with, you’ll still be capable of downloading and playing any games you’ve bought. Additionally, many players have stated that their game saves and progress was not affected when they changed their names. In the event that you decide to alter your username, it’s recommended to do it before beginning the next game. This will avoid issues in the future with online matchmaking.

How can move my PSN account to another?
You aren’t able to directly transfer your PSN account over to another. However, you can set up an account with a different email address and use the email addresses that you used for your old account to retrieve the information.

How do I remove my account on PS4?
If you wish to remove your account to PS4 You’ll need to access the settings, and then select Account Management. Then, you can select Link with Other Services and select the service you would like to delink to your PS4. Then, follow the directions on the screen to complete unlinking your accounts.

What should I do if I forget the email address for my PS4 email?
If you’ve forgotten your PS4 email address, you can consider resetting the password. To do this, head to the PlayStation website and click Forgot Password? You will be asked for your PSN ID as well as the response to your question. If you aren’t able to remember the question you asked yourself You can reach PlayStation Support to get help.

Are you able to have two PSN accounts that share the same email address?
Yes, you are able to have two PSN accounts using identical email addresses. If you are creating a second account, you’ll require another email address. The primary account will be linked to the primary PS4 and the second account will be linked to the second PS4.

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