How to ByPass Idle Air Control Valve

How to ByPass Idle Air Control Valve


Idle Air Control Valve is a device in vehicles to control the air in the engine and make sure of the best supply of fuel. It is the main component of the engine that works for making engine performance best while driving a car. Do you want to know how to Bypass Idle Air Control Valve?

If you are suffering from the problem of an idle air control valve and want to bypass it, you need guidance to Bypass it correctly. Because this valve regulates the speed of your engine. In this article, you will find a complete guide to bypassing your idle control valve.

What happens when the idle air control valve is not Working?

What happens when the idle air control valve is not Working

As we know this device helps the engine to regulate the speed of the engine when the car is slow. So you need to check that it is working properly. If it does not work properly, the engine’s speed will be either too high or too low. In some cases, the engine may stop working.

If you want to check whether your idle control air valve is working or not, you can start the engine for some time without running it. It will let you know whether it is okay or not. If it fluctuates or stops, it means that your idle air control valve is out of order. You need to bypass it for the proper function of the engine.  

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How to Bypass Idle Air Control Valve complete Steps?

How to Bypass the Idle Air Control Valve

If the idle air control valve is damaged, it directly affects the engine’s working and creates problems while driving. You will find difficulty while driving a car because the engine is not in its properly functioning. Here are some directions to bypass your idle control air valve easily:

Remove the Negative Battery Terminal

The first step is to remove the negative terminal of your battery to check and cover the damaged air hole. This hole is located in the center of the valve to control the valve. The function of this hole includes managing air in the engine and injecting fuel into the engine.

This idle air control valve is located either behind the car body or on the top of the fuel injector engine. You can check here if the valve is leaking in the engine.

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Check the Air Control Valve

Check the IAC which is located in a black box and has three hoses. This first hose is connected to the large battery terminal and the other goes to the engine to intake air.

The air control valve has a screw to adjust it and allow you to regulate the air inside the engine. You need to rotate this screw clockwise rotation and then turn it back after snugging it.

This action will help you to enter more air into the engine and prevent stalling.

Disconnect the Electrical Connector

After checking the IAC, remove the electrical connector on it by pressing the connector. Turn it aside and remove it from the sensor and then the O-ring. If you want to install the new gasket on the IAC, you need to remove and install the new one. 

But make sure that it is out of order and badly needs to be changed. Remove the damaged ring and then change it with the new one. But, if the valve is damaged and there is a fuel leakage in the engine, you need to replace it with an IAC.

To remove and adjust the new IAC, remove the idle one by opening the screw, and installing the new one.

Loosen the Clamps to Adjust the IAC

Find the IAC in front of the throttle body and near the throttle cable of your engine. Loosen the clamp to adjust the new IAC in your car’s engine correctly. It will adjust the air inside your engine when you open and close the throttle. 

The air entering this IAC device depends upon the closing and opening of the throttle. It has a screw to adjust by moving it clockwise and anticlockwise. If you want to increase the air, move it clockwise. If it decreases, move it anticlockwise.

You can adjust this screw by moving it with your hands easily. It also has a needle plier for the adjustment of screws. But, be careful while adjusting the needle noose.

Adjust Your New IACV

By removing all the clamps from the throttle body, adjust the new IACV on it. Tighten all the screws and hoses that you removed before removing the old ones. Here you need to adjust everything opened and removed from the throttle body of your engine. After adjusting it, tighten the clamps with the help of a tool. 

You can use any tool that you have easily. Once you install the new IAC in your engine, you need to adjust everything back carefully.

Replace and Reconnect the Things Rightly

Now the last step is to replace the air filter cover and make it secure by tightening the nuts you removed. Place back the electrical connector into the socket at its earlier position. Then, at last, connect the negative battery terminal in the engine.

Now the idle air controller is okay and you can start your vehicle back.


You can easily bypass your idle air control valve using some directions. Check the IACV. Your car engine is creating problems while driving it. This device regulates the air pressure inside the engine and makes the fuel injection process to the engine.

If IACV is not working, the engine will stop or slow while driving. It means you need to bypass the IACV for the proper functioning of your vehicle.

Remove the negative battery terminal, electrical connector, and then screws to connect the new IACV with hoses and engine. After installing it, adjust back everything you removed.


What is the function of an IAC valve in a vehicle?

IACV is an air control device in your car engine that controls the air intake and regulates the performance of the engine while driving.

Where is IACV located?

In some vehicles, it is located on the back of the air cleaner, and in on the top of the throttle body. You can find it easily when opening the engine body covering.

How can I check if the idle Air Controller Valve is bad?

Start your vehicle, if the engine is fluctuating or stopping while starting, it means that IACV is out of order and needs to be changed.

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