How do I change my USPS informed delivery?

Top Answer: How do I change my USPS informed delivery.

  • If you’ve already moved from the “new address”.
  • The validation code found on the physical letter you received at your new address can be entered at
  • This will instantly reinstate your access to Informed Delivery once you have moved to your new address If it is accessible at your new location.

What is USPS Informed Delivery?

USPS Change of Address (COA) – All You Need to Know

How can I alter my mailing address through Informed Delivery?
Yes, you can alter your address by using Informed Delivery. In order to do this, it is necessary to create your own profile, before unsubscribing from your old one.

How can I update my address for email for USPS Informed Delivery?
To change your email address in USPS Informed Delivery you’ll need to establish a new account, and then connect your existing account with the brand new one. To accomplish this, visit the Informed Delivery website and click “Sign Up.” Then fill in your name as well as your email address and password. Once you’ve signed up for your account, click”My Profile” click on the “My Profile” tab and add your new email address in the section called “Informed Delivery Email.

Do I have to include an address in USPS Informed Delivery?
Yes, you are able to add the address of your choice to USPS Informed Delivery. To do this visit the Informed Delivery website and log in with your username and password. Once you’re signed in, click”Add a Delivery Address” and then click on the “Add a Delivery Address” link and fill in the details to add the address.

How can I remove my account with Informed Delivery?
To delete your Informed Delivery account, please email us at with   “Delete Account” should be in the subject line. We’ll handle your request as quickly as possible.

How can I add an additional email address in Informed Delivery?
If you want to add another address to Informed Delivery you’ll need to set up an additional profile for the address. After you’ve created your new profile, you’ll have to supply your USPS with your personal information so that they are able to verify your identity. Once your identity is confirmed after which the USPS will then add your second address in Informed Delivery.

How can you ensure that my mail is getting sent to me?
There are a variety of methods to ensure that your mail is getting delivered. One option is to contact your local post office to request the post office transfer of your postal mail to the new address. Another option is to complete the change of address form via the USPS website.

How do I update my address to USPS?
If you want to correct your address for USPS To correct your address with USPS, you may visit their website or call toll-free customer care. If you visit their website you can fill out an online form. If you contact them and speak with someone who can assist you change your details.

What’s wrong with Informed Delivery?
Informed Delivery is a USPS program that lets you view the scans of your package before it gets there. Although the concept is great in principle, however, there are a few issues with the program. First The scans do not always reflect the correctness of the mail. I’ve received scans of mail that weren’t even delivered to me. In addition, the scans are usually not uploaded following the time the letter has been received, so you won’t be able to take action in the event that there’s something wrong with the scan.

Does Informed Delivery show forwarding mail?
Informed Delivery is not able to display forwarding mail. If an email is sent the original sender’s email address remains visible within the “From” field, and the email is marked “forwarded” in the header.

Can I have two mail addresses?
Yes, you are able to have two mailing addresses. You can use one address as your primary address, and the second as a secondary one.

Are there two USPS addresses?
Yes, there are two USPS addresses. It is possible to use the first address as your address for mailing and another for your delivery address.

Can a mailbox be used with two addresses?
Yes, mailboxes can contain two addresses. They can be used to serve different purposes, for example, business and private mail. Or, they could serve the same reason but at different addresses.

Can I cancel Informed Delivery?
You can cancel your Informed Delivery subscription. To cancel visit the Informed Delivery website and click the “Cancel my Informed Delivery subscription” link located in the blue bar located at the top of the page.

How do I remove messages from Informed Delivery?
To remove mail from Informed Delivery Open the Inbox and choose the mail you wish to erase. Next hit your Delete keys on your keyboard.

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