Hinge deleted my account


Top Answer: Hinge deleted my account

  • It is possible that you violated our terms of service.
  • As a platform for meeting new people, we expect all of our users to behave respectfully.
  • We may terminate your account if we determine that you have abused or harassed other users.
  • It is also possible that you simply stopped using the app.

Hinge deleted my account – How to get it back?


Why did my Hinge profile get deleted?
There may be a myriad of reasons why the Hinge profile was removed. It’s possible that you broke the terms of service for the app or were criticized by a user for behaviour that was not appropriate. If you have questions regarding the reason your profile was removed, you can contact Hinge’s support team for more details.

Hinge actually removes your account, right?
If you request it, Hinge will delete your account.

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What can you do to get exiled from Hinge?
There are several factors that could get you exiled from Hinge However, the primary issue is most likely excessively aggressive or sexually explicit in your posts. Other ways to cause you to be banned include creating fake profiles, threatening people, and threatening other users.

What is the process for recovering a deleted Hinge account?
If you want to recover your erased Hinge account you’ll have to contact Hinge Customer Service. They’ll help you recover your account.

Does Hinge punish you for deleting?
You will not be penalized if you delete your account on Hinge.

How can you tell when someone has deleted their Hinge?
In the event that you’ve removed your Hinge account, We’ll send you an email confirmation of the deletion, and also advise you on the steps to permanently erase all of your information off our systems. If you’ve not deleted your account, however, you aren’t able to view your profile It’s possible that you were deleted by one of your matches.

What is the meaning of remove in Hinge?
If you delete an individual from Hinge It means you’ve removed the account of that person.

What happens if someone disappears on Hinge?
If someone disappears from Hinge this means they’ve either removed their account or blocked you. If you’ve been thinking about what happened to them, however, there’s no way of knowing with certainty.

Why do Hinge likes disappear?
There are a variety of reasons that someone on Hinge may disappear. It could be that they’ve lost interest, discovered another person, or decided that they don’t wish to join the site anymore. Whichever the case, it’s stressful when someone you’ve spent time communicating with suddenly vanishes.

What can I do to contest a Hinge ban?
If you’ve been barred from Hinge You can appeal the decision by contacting support@hinge.co. Include your name, contact number, and email address that is associated with your Hinge account when you appeal.

How do I get in touch with Hinge customer support?
Contact support at Hinge via email at help@hinge.co or by clicking the “HELP” button located in the lower right-hand corner of the application.

How can you get a shadow ban to be lifted?
Yes, you can use Hinge to shadow the ban. If you notice that someone isn’t checking your profile or messaging you, you can notify your concerns to Hinge and they’ll be banned from shadowing.

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