Hematite Ring That Breaks

hematite ring


If you received or saw a hematite band recently of hematite ring, you may have wondered what it means. When not used properly, hematite rings can also crack. Naturally, you would be curious about the meaning. Keep reading to find out more about hematite rings and their benefits.

hematite ring

Rings That Break With Negative Energy

In the event that the rings absorb the greatest amount of negative energy possible, they will likely break. The energy must be released by breaking the rings. This does not indicate malicious intent. Unless it has been cleaned recently, this could simply be the result of energy accumulating over time.

If you break your hematite rings, you may also be done with the stone and should find another.

Clean your ring parts and give them to family members or friends who need strong grounding properties.

Hematite Ring Meaning

Balance is symbolized by hematite rings meaning. It acts as a strong grounding stone, allowing the wearer to feel connected to the earth. By connecting to the root chakra and the Earth’s energy, it has been shown to stabilize the mind and body.

Additionally, hematite can protect you from negativity. The stone protects you from negative energies and is believed to be able to repel evil spirits and energies.

Hematite Ring Breaking

If you have absorbed as much negative energy as possible, your hematite rings will likely break. This energy must be released by rupturing the rings. It does not indicate you are being attacked. Energy may accumulate over time, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned recently.

Hematite rings breaking could also mean you are done with the stone and it is time to find another one.

Clean your ring parts and give them to family members or friends who need strong grounding properties.

What Does Hematite Do

To prolong the life of your ring, make sure you clean it regularly. You can clean your hematite jewelry in a variety of ways:

  • By waving quartz or selenite in circular motions, you can feel the ring’s energy lift.
  • Hematite rings should be worn during full moons.
  • With the smoke of sage, smudge it for a few seconds
  • Crystals that are known to attract negative energies can be placed with it. Crystals that are known to attract negative energies include clear and black stones.

To clean your crystals and stones, you can use moon water or other water-based rituals. Hematite should not be exposed to water for too long, and you should dry it as soon as possible. The stone can become discolored due to iron in the water. It is best to use another method of cleaning to ensure your hematite remains in top shape.

What Is A Hematite Ring Used For

“Unconditional love” is the name given to rose quartz. As a result, it fosters loving relationships with others and increases self-love. Grounding smokey quartz can make you feel more connected to the earth. The stone is also considered a protector.

Real Hematite Ring

Hematite always produces a reddish streak despite its highly variable appearance. Introduction to geology students is often astonished when they see silver-colored minerals producing reddish streaks. The reddish streak becomes the defining characteristic of hematite.

Can Hematite Go In Water

Since it absorbs energy so fast, you’ll need to cleanse and activate your hematite ring often.

Due to its sensitivity to energy, all it takes to activate it is to focus your intention on it while holding it in your hands.

If you do use water to clean it, make sure it is only mild soap and lightly blotted dry.

You can also keep your hematite ring cleansed by leaving it under the moonlight or wiping it with a selenite wand.

You can use the following guidelines to cleanse a pendulum, as well as your hematite ring, just avoid harsh things like direct sunlight, chemicals, or submerging in water.

When Do You Know If Your Hematite Ring Is Real? 

Your hematite should make you feel good immediately if it is real. The majority report feeling calmer and grounded right away.

You can also lightly scratch your hematite ring or look for red streaks if you are still unsure. Historically, hematite was used to write on cave walls, leaving behind a reddish-brown streak!

You want your hematite to feel like steel and to be smooth, but not too smooth. If it’s real, it will still have some natural scratches and grooves on it. It’s likely man-made if it’s very magnetic. While man-made isn’t horrible, it won’t have the same power as natural hematite.

Even if your hematite ring feels hot, it’s not necessarily a fake. Your body temperature can be raised if you take hematite because it increases blood circulation. It can help you lose energy since the mineral absorbs it. You can stop wearing it for a few minutes until the mineral cools. In case you’d like more help deciding, here’s a video to show you how to tell fake from real hematite.


Have you ever worn a hematite ring? Where did it come from? If so, tell us about it below!

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