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Top Answer: Facebook activity log broken

  • There are a variety of reasons why your activity logs aren’t functioning on Facebook. It could be that you’ve shut off the option. For confirmation, visit Settings and make sure that “Show Activity Log” is enabled.
  • If it’s turned on, the other possibility is that there’s an issue with your account that is preventing an activity record from working correctly. If this is the scenario, you’ll have to reach out to Facebook support for assistance.

How to turn on & off facebook activity log

How To See & Check Activity Log On Facebook

What is the reason why my activity log on Facebook not working?
There are a variety of reasons that your activity log on Facebook isn’t functioning. It could be that you’ve removed the app’s ability to track your activities. For confirmation of the app’s settings, click Settings > Apps and scroll down to Facebook. The slider should be off, turn it on. If you’re not able to get it working you can try deleting all cookies and cache associated with Facebook. In order to do that, you need to open your browser’s settings, and then look for the section that allows you to delete the cache as well as cookies.

Where can I find Activity Log on the Facebook Business Page?
The Activity Log is located on the right-hand side of the Facebook company page. It contains a listing of the most recent activity, including comments, posts and likes.

How can I access my Activity Log through Facebook mobile?
To see your activity log for your activity log Facebook mobile devices, launch the Facebook app and tap the three lines that are located in the upper left-hand corner. Scroll down until you reach “Settings & Privacy” and then “Activity Log.

How can I get my activity logs back on Facebook?
In the event that you delete your log of activities, it’s impossible to recover it. Facebook doesn’t keep an exact replica of your activities log, therefore it’s impossible to retrieve it after you’ve deleted it.

Do your logs of activity reflect all the information you need?
Your activity log will display every single activity you’ve completed through your account. This includes any searches you’ve conducted, websites you’ve been to, and the files you downloaded.

How can I get in touch with Facebook customer support?
Contact Facebook assistance by clicking the “?” icon at the top of any Facebook page, and then choosing “Report a problem.” You can also go to Facebook’s Facebook Help Center to search for answers to your questions or reach Facebook support via phone or email.

Do Facebook pages contain Activity logs?
Indeed, pages on Facebook do have activity logs. This is where you’ll view all the activity taken to your account including comments, posts, and likes. You can also view the people who have accessed your page, and at what time.

Where can I find the log of my activities?
To view an activity report, launch the Facebook app, and then click the three lines that are in the upper left-hand edge of your screen. After that, scroll down to select “Settings & Privacy.” Then, click “Activity Log” and you’ll be able to see the entire list of your Facebook-related activities.

Can I view my recent activities?
You can view your most recent activities on your “Activity Log” on the left-hand right side of your page. It’s the Activity Log includes a list of your actions on Quora and the dates and times of each one.

What can I do to see my the activity in my Facebook iPhone?
To check your Facebook activities on your iPhone open the Facebook app and click the menu icon in the upper right area of the display. Next, you can tap “Settings” and select “Activity Log.” This will display a listing of your latest Facebook activity, which includes posts you’ve shared and comments you’ve posted, and reactions and likes you’ve shared.

Does anyone know who you follow on Facebook?
You can view the person you are stalking on Facebook. If you’re close to the person you are following and they are friends, they can see your visits to your profile. If you’re not close to the person you are following and they are not friends, they won’t be able to view your profile visits.

Does deleting the activity log erase the post?
The deletion of an entry in your activity log does not remove the entry from your website.

What is a Facebook Activity Log?
A Facebook Activity Log is a function that lets you view all of your posts and posts that you’ve posted on Facebook and the posts and activities of your friends. You can access the details of your Activity Log when you click the small arrow at the upper right corner of any page on Facebook and click “Activity Log.

What is a physical activity log?
A log of physical activity is a form of documentation in which people record the amount and kind of exercise they do every day. It can be useful to track progress, set goals and know how active you are in general.

What exactly is an activity log?
A log of activities is an account of the tasks which have been carried out on the computer or another electronic device. They’re often utilized to record the usage of the device by a specific user, or for troubleshooting issues.

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