Is Doug Macray A Real Person? Where is Today?


Doug Macray is a famous criminal character in an American drama film; released in 2010. his real name is  Douglas Macray,  but he is known as Doug Macray, born on September 21, 1975. He grew up in a criminal neighborhood and became a robber.

In this article, you will know; Is Doug Macray A Real Person and what happened to him in his real life.

Biography of Doug Macray?

Doug was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts on 21 September 1975. Dough’s father, Stephen Macray was a truck driver, and his mother, Doris Macray was a housewife. Dough’s parents have three kids, and he was the middle son of his parents. In his childhood, he was always troubled and has a fighting nature. 

Doug’s father was a criminal and his mother was a drug seller. His mother became drug addicted while selling drugs and hanged herself. . Doug lost his mother when he was six years old as his mother committed suicide. 

His father was arrested in a car robbery case and shot two security guards. 

Due to his fighting nature, he was arrested many times and went to jail. At the age of 6 years, he was also addicted to heroin. When Doug was of 18 years old he was arrested in a bank robbery case. He remained in jail for four years and was then set free.

After coming out of jail, Doug turned to his life and started a job as a construction worker. At that time he met a girl named Claire Keesey and started dating her. He also started to meet his old friends.

Doug’s Bank Robbery

Doug started his robbery career in 2007 when he with his friend robbed a car. At the age of 18 years, one night Doug and his friends robbed a bank and killed the security guard of the bank. Due to the death of the security guard, Doug was upset and decided to leave his friends.

At that time his girlfriend Claire Keesey also left him due to his criminal past. Doug was arrested and remained in prison for the next four years. He committed the robbery of five cars and three other banks with his friends.

How did Douglas Macray get caught?

Doug and his friends robbed a bank and killed the security guard of that bank. They had a mistake; they left their gun on the spot and ran away. Police found the gun and their fingerprints on it.

Police caught Douglas Macray and punished him for nine years.

The Town

Ben Affleck directed an American short drama film in 2010 that was based on the story of the prince of thieves. The whole story of this movie moves around a group of bank robbers. Ben Affleck played the role of Douglas Macray in this film.

The rating of this movie went higher and has an 86 percent fresh rating according to its reviews. The film was rated as both commercial and critical. This movie also won the award for best nominations and editing.

The Town has described a long history of crimes, especially bank robbers; that is most common in the United States.

Is Town based on a true story?

Yes, The Town is a real story of bank robbers who robbed banks and cars. This short film ha showed the real events of Douglas Marcy and his friends. The director of the movie has shown up Doug was not a bad boy at all. 

 But, he made some bad things in his life with his friends and realized his mistakes after some time. He was caught in a bank robbery case and remained in jail for four years. 

Where is Douglas Marcay Today?

After coming out of jail in 2019, he turned to his life and got married to his ex-girlfriend Claire Keesey. Now they had a child and are in  Charlestown, Massachusetts. He is working as a construction worker in Charlestown and living a happy life with his family.


Doug Macray is a famous character in American short movies that are based on the real story of Douglas Macray and his friends. Dough lost his mother in childhood, and his father was also a robber. He grew up in a bad neighborhood and also became a robber.

He robbed three banks and 7 cars with his friends; after that he went to jail. He was punished for four years and released in 2019 from prison. The Town is the real story of bank robbers, and the main character is Douglas Macary.

Doug got married to his girlfriend and is living in Charlestown; happily. He had a child and worked as a construction worker.


Who is Doug Macray, and Why was he caught?

He was the middle son of Stephon Macray and became a robber with his friends. He robbed a bank in Charlestown and was caught in that case.

Where is Douglas Macray?

He is living in Charlestown with his wife and child after getting married. He is working as a construction worker.

Is the movie The Town based on the real story of Douglas Macray?

Yes, this short criminal drama film is based; on the real life of Douglas. it has described the whole life of Doug and how he robbed the bank in Charlestown with his friends.

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