How to turn off doordash text message


Top Answer: Doordash text message

  • Launch your DoorDash app then tap on the three lines that appear located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Tap “Settings”.
  • Tap “Notifications”.
  • Switch “Text Messages” off.

How To Turn Off Notifications On DoorDash App

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What can I do with customers who place an order in error?
If a person purchases something that they don’t intend to or realized afterward it’s best practice to contact them via text message, letting them know that the order was cancelled and what the reason was.
It is also possible to offer help in the future, by suggesting a new item in the event they do not want more than what they initially ordered.
When an order has been submitted and there isn’t any action within 15 minutes following DoorDash confirming the order and requesting a second payment, they will cancel the order.

How can I tell when an order is likely to cause a problem?
In some cases, customers can make contact with you directly by phone or text message following the purchase. They may demand that the item they purchased to be returned for a variety of reasons (ex. they wish to cancel their order due to a price error on the DoorDash website).
If this happens, reach out to our support team at In certain cases, you may receive repeated orders from this particular customer which you’d like to stop but you don’t have to contact us in this case. We have tools to help you do this on Your Doordash Dashboard.
Each order can be edited by yourself to delete customers’ phone numbers as well as email addresses. You can also decide if you’d like that order to be ringing the restaurant’s phone.

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How do I find out where my credit card information is stored?
DoorDash never stores credit card information. The payment for every meal is taken directly from your bank account each day when you place your order.
The funds are then distributed to restaurants in one single batch at the close of the day. We do not keep any sensitive information on our website.
All transactions are processed securely by an industry-leading third-party processor located in Texas named PSCU Financial Services Group Inc.

What should I do if my restaurant accidentally charges me?
If a customer’s credit card appears as being charged via DoorDash rather than the establishment they ordered from, please contact us immediately by emailing us at [emailat [email protected]. We’ll reimburse you for the cost, as well as any applicable taxes.

What should I do if a client is looking to cancel an order?
If your customer contacts you directly and requests that the order be cancelled for different reasons (ex. they want to cancel in case of a price error on DoorDash’s website), reach out to our support team at
In certain situations, there may be a chance that you receive multiple orders from this client which you’d like to stop but do not need to contact – then we’ll provide tools for this as well on the Doordash Dashboard.
You can modify each order separately to erase customers’ phone numbers as well as email addresses. You can also decide if you would like your order to call the restaurant’s phone.
When an order has been made however there isn’t a response within 15 minutes following DoorDash confirming the order and requests for additional payments, they will cancel the order.
We strongly recommend sending any updates to your customers immediately using a mobile phone in the event of a delivery driver not delivering the food.
For instance, when a client accepts their food delivery from our partner on Doordash’s platform, we declare their order as complete, as if they’ve received everything they ordered but only receive half (this is not uncommon).
If this occurs, please contact us immediately by phone or by emailing us at [email protected this happens, please contact us immediately at [email protected]. We will investigate the issue and contact you as soon as we can so that we can reimburse your customer.

What will happen if a restaurant has to cancel an order?
If a restaurant has to cancel the order of a customer, Doordash will automatically issue a full reimbursement for the cancelled order.
If a restaurant makes any changes to their menu (e.g. the addition or removal of the item on their menu) following the time that DoorDash menus are posted online, the restaurant will be accountable for informing their customers directly of these changes via texts or phone call prior to them placing an order via Doordash.

Do you answer DoorDash messages?
Customers can choose their preferred method of communication when making a purchase in the app including texting, calling, or using the built-in messaging system. As Dasher, you will receive feedback such as feedback via text messages prior to picking up your food at the restaurant.

What is the chat option on DoorDash?
Just tap to chat (next to your contacts listing) in your Dasher app purchase screen. This option is now available to all Dashers.

Why am I constantly receiving DoorDash messages?
You could be receiving DoorDash messages because you’ve placed an order from the food delivery company before, or perhaps because you’ve registered for updates by the business. DoorDash might also text you to inform you of new features or offers.

How can I stop DoorDash texts?
You can stop receiving DoorDash texts by opting out of text message notifications. To opt-out, text Stop to DoorDash at any time.

Does DoorDash not send you notifications?
Absolutely, DoorDash sends you a confirmation once your purchase is set to pick up.

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