Does Live me pay you

Top Answer: Does Live me pay you has paid out $1 million to streamers in virtual gifts in just seven months. There are many ways that live broadcasters can be compensated for their live content. They may make money from advertisements or subscription fees. They may also receive virtual gifts as a thank you for sharing their content.



How much do live me broadcasters make? pay creators via PayPal broadcasters can take out a maximum of $600 per calendar day through Paypal. Although Coins are available for free by users encouraging others to install the the application, they are typically bought. For instance, in the United States, 69 Coins could cost around $0.99 per coin.

How can you become a paid live Me?
It’s simple. Just fill in the form below, create an example video URL showcasing your skills and then send the URL to content@ If it’s a great match, we’ll be in contact with you and you’ll receive amazing rewards! You can also stay in touch by following us on Facebook by using our official page: LiveMe Scout.

How many diamonds will you require to make a withdrawal on live Me?
A maximum of $600 per day could be earned when one owns 40,000 or more diamonds. In a matter of months, the cash is transferred into the PayPal account. If the supporters decide to support them, they are able to link their PayPal profile to the account of their personal profile.

You can earn money with Liveme?
When you are presented with gifts from viewers during streaming, like the wand or a castle, you’ll receive the same amount of diamonds as the money was used to buy it. You can choose to change diamonds back into money or trade them in for actual money.

What’s the point of is an application that streams live and is well-liked by children. The goal of according to the description on the app it’s “to reveal your true self and show your talents.'” That’s precisely the kind of thing users can accomplish through the application. Users can utilize to share their content, and to build new followers and friends.

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