Does Hinge Show Inactive Profiles?

Does Hinge Show Inactive Profiles?


Hinge is a popular dating app that people use to find a perfect match on tinder. Does Hinge show inactive profiles? If not, then how can you find inactive profiles on this dating application? Hinge is a dating app that shows active and inactive users for users to find their perfect match.

People want to know how they can find active and inactive users on Hinge app. Hinge removes the inactive users for others because some users deactivate their accounts or delete them for a short time.

Read this article to know how you can find inactive profiles on Hinge.

Does Hinge Show Inactive Profiles

What is Hinge?

Hinge stands out as one of the best dating applications launched in 2012 and added the best features like other dating applications. This application works like Tinder and dating apps. On this app, you can share videos, photos, text, and audio notes with others. 

The hinge was launched for singles to find their best matches and make deep connections with them online. You can create an account on Hinge and upload your profile information to use this dating application. 

You can download Hinge from Google Play or the App store of your android device for free. It is free to use but if you want to use special features of this application, you can buy a membership of this application. 

After downloading Hinge on your device, the next step is to provide the basic information on your profile to find your best match. You have to put your first and last name with your birth date. You can also edit your profile if you want to update your personal information.

Millions of people are using this dating app to find their perfect matches, and the rating of this application is very high. It works much better than other dating applications.

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Does Hinge Show Inactive Profiles?

Like other social media applications, Hinge also includes last-seen indicators features for its users. You can see when the person was active on the Hinge for the last time. Hinge shows the last seen of users when they were active for the last time on this app.

This feature helps the users to watch who is active on Hinge and how much time longer someone was active. You can get an update of your wanted person using this last active scene feature.

Do you want to know if hinges show inactive profiles or not? The answer is yes because Hinge shows all active and inactive profiles on this online dating platform. This feature helps the users to find their wanted profile on Hinge. They can find anyone by using this feature.

The last active scene feature of the Hinge application allows the users to watch the wanted persons’ activity on the app. If you have created a profile but did not activate it, it will last only for 30 days.

How Long Does Hinge Show Inactive Profiles?

Hinge lets you see when the other people were connected on the app for the last time. You can also check their activities on their account. The story on Hinge lasts for about 72 hours for users, and you can check it. This application also uses GPS and mobile data to know about your information and show it to other users.

When someone changes his status story on Hinge, you get a mobile notification on your side. You can upload short videos and images or text on your story for others. 

Hinge shows the people nearest to your location automatically or you can find your match as you want. It is funny to discover new people on this dating app. Mostly, Hinge shows only active people so that you can contact only active people on this app. 

The reason is that some people create profiles on Hinge but do not activate their accounts. That’s why Hinge does not show their profiles to others. If you are not finding the account that you want, there may be many reasons for this:

  • The user has deleted his account.
  • The user has deactivated his account permanently or temporarily.
  • He has changed his email address on Hinge.

There are unlimited inactive profiles of hinge users because people deactivate their accounts after creating a profile on this dating app. They do not feel secure using this application. According to statistics, about more than 66% of hinge users are inactive on this platform.

How to Know Someone is Active on Hinge?

Do you want to know if someone is active on a hinge or not? It is easier to know; whether someone is active on the Hinge app or not. You can check it in these two ways:

  • Check the Facebook profile of your wanted person and his groups. It will give you an idea of whether he is active on the hinge app or not.
  • You can check their profile to guess if he is active or not on the app. The storyline also helps you to check the activity of the persons on the hinge app.

You can check the recent activity of a person like his updated photos or videos; for checking his last activity on the app.

Final Words

If you are concerned about whether the Hinge shows inactive profiles, then the answer is yes. You can catch an inactive user on Hinge because Hinge shows all created accounts for others. But if a person does not use his activated account for a long time, his profile will be removed by Hinge automatically.

People deactivate their accounts for a short time to take a dating break or spend time on other activities. For this reason, hide the accounts which are not active for 30 days. You can check the last active time of users on a hinge to see when people were active on this app. 


How can I see the inactive user on Hinge?

In the latest version of Hinge 2022, the developer has added the last active seen feature in this application. Using this feature, you can see when the user was active on the app for the last time. When someone is active on an app, you can see him active with the help of this feature.

Are there Fake accounts on Hinge?

Yes, like other social media applications and dating apps, people also create fake accounts on a Hinge to find matches. People create fake accounts and upload fake photos on their accounts also.

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