Does Cinnamon Repel Roaches

does cinnamon repel roaches

Does cinnamon repel roaches? There are many myths about how to repel cockroaches with scents. Animals and humans will avoid cockroaches if they dislike the smell or flavor of something. If you can identify which smells cockroaches dislike or loathe, it is possible to place them in their preferred hiding places. This would discourage roaches.

You can repel cockroaches using cinnamon.

The cinnamon smell is stronger than cockroaches can handle.

Cockroaches don’t like the smells of essential oils, which we love. Although cinnamon will not kill cockroaches, it can help them leave their current home and find a new one. You can keep your home rodent-free by combining cinnamon with essential oils and lavender.

Sprinkle cinnamon powder onto surfaces that attract roaches. Many commercial cinnamon brands contain sugar and other ingredients. It can attract cockroaches, who will look for nutrition in gluten.

It can become smudge-prone and lose its bitter scent with time. Regular cinnamon application is important.

The repellent properties of cinnamon can be useful for roaches. It is not a permanent solution for roach problems in your home. Cinnamon is an excellent alternative to repel pests. However, it is not the best long-term remedy for insect infestations in your home.

You can use cinnamon in two ways to repel roaches.

Roaches are night-time animals. They can be found in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or soft furnishings, like the sofa, during the day.

While cinnamon is a good way to repel roaches, it’s not a permanent solution.

While cinnamon can be a good way to keep roaches away from certain areas, they will eventually move to other areas of the home that aren’t scented with an unpleasant odor. You should contact an exterminator if you have a serious bug problem.


It repels roaches and other insects because of its strong smell and high levels of eugenol. Keep in mind that cinnamon powder sticks, and other basic ingredients, are not repellents. Cinnamon can temporarily repel cockroaches for a brief time. Cinnamon doesn’t kill them.

Cinnamon can’t be used as a replacement for expert pest control techniques that a skilled pest control specialist can provide.

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