Do Evaporation Lines Disappear From Pregnancy Tests?

Do evaporation lines disappear


Evaporation lines are annoying lines on a pregnancy test and appear due to incorrect tests or faint results. What are Evaporation lines, and do evaporation lines disappear? 

In this article, we will discuss the appearance and disappearance of these lines on a pregnancy test. Read this article to know about these lines.

do evaporation lines disappear

What are Evaporation Lines?

Evaporation lines are pale or faint lines on a pregnancy test tube that appear after testing. The people who do not know how to test accurately or do not know about these lines, consider the test positive. 

These Lines are common on testing tube kits and confuse you while checking the result of this kit at home. Due to the presence of these lines, they think the test is positive, and they are pregnant.

Why do the Evaporation Lines Appear?

The main reason of appearing of Evaporation Lines on pregnancy test tubes:

The longer use of the test tube than the suggested time. Ladies who do not know how much time to place the testing tube stick, find these tube lines. Urine starts to evaporate and causes the appearance of a faint line on the test tube stick.

Another cause for these evaporation lines is that some testing kits are too sensitive than others. These sensitive testing kits are more sensitive than pregnancy hormones and show positive results.

Evaporation lines also appear if the test tube gets wet, and it happens when the user reads the result too late on the test tube.

Sometimes the test kit you are using may be expired or damaged. It does not show the correct result and you see unusual lines on your testing kit.


Unfortunately, these evaporation lines do not disappear from the testing tube. Even when you try to remove these lines with water they still stay on the testing kit.

You need too careful while doing the pregnancy test at home and not make the result late. To avoid a false positive result, you need; to be careful and follow all the instructions of the test.

How to identify an evaporation line on a pregnancy test?

Do you want to know how to identify a fake line on a testing kit? Sometimes the positive line may be faint, and it confuses you if you are pregnant or not. The pregnancy line is colorful and differentiated from an evaporation line.

Here are some indications of the evaporation line on the test kit:

  • It has no color and looks like a water spot on a test tube.
  • There is no visible dye on the mark that shows on the testing kit. It remains the same on the test kit after taking a test.
  • The evaporation line is not consistent and thick. Examine it carefully; to distinguish the evaporation and positive line; on the testing kit.
  • Another recognition of the evaporation line is time, it appears when you give more time to Urine to evaporate. It appears due to more use time of the kit than the suggested time.

Here are some identifications of positive lines on the testing kit:

  • A positive line on the testing kit shows up a color. it may be a faded or pinkish color.
  • The thickness of the line is more than a water spot. it has a consistent thickness that makes it differ from an evaporation line. It resembles the control test line.
  • A positive line only 2-3 minutes to react and show the results to the user. The Evaporation line appears after 10 minutes due to urine evaporation.

How to Prevent the Evaporation Lines on Testing Kit?

Are you confused about the test result due to the presence of faint lines on the testing kit? Do you want to know how to prevent these evaporation lines on the testing kit?

These lines appear due to any reason and do not disappear. In this situation, we recommend testing again. Here we are recommending some tricks to prevent showing up these lines.

Always Follow the Instruction:

If you want true results while using the pregnancy test kit, always follow the instruction for using these kits. It will help you in preventing the appearance of evaporation lines on the testing kit.

Read the instruction carefully before using the test kit to avoid false results and evaporation lines. If you will not follow the instructions, it will waste your money and time.

Set A Timer Before Using Test Kit:

The main reason why the evaporation line appears is timing. it appears when you use the testing kit for a longer time than suggested. The best way to avoid it is to note the time before using this kit. You can set a timer before using the Kit.

Set the timer according to the instruction to avoid the line happening on the kit.

Use a Reliable Brand Kit for the Test:

Evaporation lines may appear; due to the Expired or sensitive testing kit. Use a reliable and made from the best chemicals. The sensitive testing tube does not show the accurate result and confuses you. 

Always use a branded testing kit to get an accurate result in first-time use and save your time. Check the expiry date of the testing kit before using it to avoid evaporation lines.

Use a Cup  To Avoid Evaporation Line:

do not use the test kit directly to avoid the evaporation lines on it. It is the best way; to use a cup to urinate the test kit and check the accurate results. It will help you to avoid splashes and give you true results.

Final Thoughts:

Checking the pregnancy results is agonizing and heart-quicking at home. It may result in colorful or colorless faint lines to confuse you about whether the results are positive or negative. 

Sometimes due to the use of this digital kit, you find colorless lines that appear due to urine evaporation and longer usage time. These colorless lines are not positive results of your test and appear; due to urine evaporation.

Do Evaporation lines disappear? These lines do not disappear from the kit, and you need to test again to get the true result. It happens due to an expired or sensitive testing kit. Always follow the instructions and use a branded kit to avoid these lines.


Do the Evaporation lines Disappear With water or not?

No, Once the evaporation lines appear on a preg testing kit, they do not disappear even if you want to remove them using water. It will not correct the results and make the lines disappear.

Is it possible an evaporation line turns out positive?

We have described above that: an evaporation line appears due to urine evaporation on the test kit. So it does not turn positive, and you need to do a new test again.

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