How do I reset my Depop login account?

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  • You’ll have to remove your account and then create an entirely new profile.
  • To remove your profile, visit your “Settings” page and select “Delete Profile”.

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Do I have to restart my Depop account?
Yes, you are able to restart your Depop account. To do this, delete your existing account and start a fresh one.

What is the process for deleting my Depop account?
Go to the account settings section of your account to delete your Depop account. At the bottom of the page, click “delete the account.” Enter your password, then click “delete the account.” It will be impossible to restore the account you have created.  

Why can’t I log into my Depop account?
It is possible that you are unable to access Depop for a number of reasons. Your Depop account may not be able to be logged in for a variety of reasons. The most likely reason is that you’ve lost your password. In that case, you should click “Forgot your password?” on the login page to change your password.
It is also possible that your account was temporarily suspended.  

What’s the problem with my Depop password?
There are several reasons that you may not be capable of resetting the password on your Depop password.  If you can’t remember your password or the email address or number you used to sign up, it’s most likely because you lost your password. Depop support may be able to assist you if this is the case.
It is also possible that the account has been compromised. You will need to contact Depop assistance and provide evidence that your account was compromised if that is the case.  

Do I have to create another Depop account?
Yes, you can create another Depop account, however, you’ll need an alternative email account and password.

What is the reason why Depop continues to ban me?
Depop is an online social network for selling and buying clothing accessories, clothes, and other products. It’s a community made up of people who share an enthusiasm for fashion and style.
Depop is a platform that does not permit selling stolen or counterfeit items. If they suspect that the product you’re selling is stolen or counterfeit and they decide to ban you from selling on the platform.

How do I begin with a brand new Depop?
To create your brand new Depop profile, first, you’ll have to download the app and set up an account. Then, you can add your items to the auction by taking pictures and entering the information. Once your items have been displayed, buyers can look through and purchase them through the app.

Is Depop completely safe?
Depop is an app that is safe and secure. It’s specifically designed for those of 13 years and older All transactions are secured through SSL encryption.

How can I reset my Depop password using my phone number?
For you to restore your Depop password using an account number on your smartphone, first you’ll have to launch the app and then tap the three lines at the upper left-hand edge of the screen. Then, click “Settings” and scroll down until you can see”Password” and “Password.” Tap on it, then enter your phone number and tap “Reset Password.” You will receive a text message that contains a six-digit code that you’ll have to input into the app in order to complete the procedure.

Can I log in to Depop using my cell phone number?
Yes, you are able to access Depop by using your phone number. When you sign-up to create an account you’ll be asked to enter your telephone number. This is used for verification of your account and ensuring your account’s security.

Is Depop second-hand?
Depop isn’t second-hand It’s an online marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to buy and selling old products. It’s a fantastic location to buy gently used clothing and accessories, as well as household items and also exclusive and unique products.

How can I modify my PayPal account to Depop?
To modify your PayPal account through Depop first, open the app and then tap three lines located in the upper left corner of your main page. Enter your new PayPal email address under “PayPal” in the “Settings” and “Payments” sections.

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