How do you know if someone deleted user discord

Top Answer: Deleted user discord

There should be a lot of activity among users. In the case of a deleted account, the name changes to “DeletedUser.” The numbers that appear after “DeletedUser” might be zeros or a random collection of numbers.

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When an account on Discord is deleted, what happens?

Your communications are anonymized by Discord when you delete your account. The messages you’ve transmitted are preserved, continuing to flow in general group conversations and direct private chats after you delete your account.

Is it possible to recover deleted Discord accounts?

Unless you’re absolutely certain that the account was deleted by mistake, you won’t be able to recover it. We guarantee that deleted accounts will be permanently deleted and that they cannot be recovered!

Does Discord permanently delete accounts?

If you are no longer using an app, it might be a good idea to erase all the data it has collected. Your Discord account will be permanently deleted if you do this. The removal of your Discord account shouldn’t take you more than a minute, so go ahead and do it.

When you delete your Discord account, do your messages disappear?

All of someone’s messages, information, and images are saved when they close their account. Data from a deleted account must be removed completely in order to preserve everything it contains, including images, servers still controlled by the deleted account, and communications.

Is it possible to delete messages from Discord?

You should be able to delete all of your sent communications across every server when you delete your account. For example, Discord.

When someone blocks you on Discord, how do you know?

You can block someone from pinging you or mentioning your username in shared servers if you have blocked them. They will receive the same error message as stated in the preceding section when they try to contact you. On the other hand, the person you have banned will be able to see when you are online and read your messages.

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