Can you reactivate a deleted hinge account

Top Answer: Deleted hinge account

  • Make sure that you don’t possess any additional Hinge accounts that are linked to the phone number or Facebook profile.
  • If you realize that you have another account, you should delete one of the accounts and try to restore the purchase.

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How can I retrieve the account that was deleted from hinge?
If you have your username as well as your email address and password, you’ll be able to reset the access to your account. If you don’t remember the username you can try using your email address. If you’re not successful Try to locate an old email delivered to the account, or log in with Facebook.
If you are still unable to locate it, even after trying these methods Contact Hinge Support via b7***

What happens when you remove an account on your Hinge?
If you remove your Hinge account, the entirety of your data will be deleted. You won’t be in a position to access the Hinge app or the website but your matches won’t be affected.

Do you know whether someone has removed their account on hinge?
It’s impossible to determine if someone has deleted their account in the application.

How do I get my account reactivated? Hinge account?
You can activate the account on your Hinge login by following these instructions: Login to your account through Hinge’s website. Hinge website. Go to “Forgot Password?” and enter your email address. Click “Reset Password”. Set a new password to your account, verify it, then click “Submit”.

. Is your account deactivated by Hinge?
Your account is not deactivated by Hinge. If you do not have an active account the account will be deleted from the application following 60 calendar days without use.

Does deleting the Hinge app delete account?
No. The app’s deletion doesn’t erase the account. The account will remain active until you log off and return with the new password.

How can you locate somebody else on Hinge?
Hinge is a dating application that matches you with other people who are based on your Facebook friend list. You can search for any person on your Facebook friends list or click the “Find friends” and “Find Friends” buttons. If you locate an individual, Hinge will show you whom they’re connected with on Facebook and the mutual friends you have.

Why did my Hinge match disappear?
Hinge is an online dating service for those who are seeking something more substantial than the typical Tinder user. The Hinge matches are gone when you end your use of the app, or they don’t connect with you after some time.

What happens if you tell someone you’ve met somebody on Hinge?
Hinge is a dating application that connects users through their Facebook connections.
If you’re saying you’ve been able to meet someone through Hinge this means that you met the person through the application.

Why do men not match on Hinge?
There are some people who aren’t seeking a long-term relationship and would rather remain open. Others may prefer to be patient and meet the person before they commit to a long-term relationship. A few people may have discovered the person they like more on Hinge and would like to concentrate their attention on this person.

Does Hinge let you know if you have taken a screenshot?
Hinge doesn’t display that you’ve made a screenshot in the application.

Are you able to rematch the person you did not match on Hinge?
You can match with someone else you haven’t matched with on Hinge.
There is the option to match up with someone who was previously unmatched if they are within your extended networks of yours. To do this you must visit their profile and click the “Send a message” from their profile “Send a message” button.

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