how to delete my google activity permanently

Top Answer: Delete my activity

  • Go to Over your activity.
  • Tap Delete.
  • Tap All Time, Delete.

delete my activity automatically windows 10

how to delete your google search history on android phone

How can you remove all Google activities at once?
Go to on your computer. Select”Delete” by selecting the menu that is above your activity. Select All Time on the menu beneath your activity. Then, select whether or not to erase your data permanently. Delete

How do I completely erase the Google history of searches?
Lookup Google Search Engine and open the Chrome browser. Your cursor should be in the Address Bar, click right-click it, or hold +Control+Shift when you click it to open an option. Choose Historical from the options displayed. On the left, you can click Clear Browsing Data. Select the amount of history you’d like to erase by selecting the menu drop-down. Be sure that “browsing histories” is checked prior to proceeding. Be sure to remove the items you do not want to erase by clicking Clear Data after selecting the amount of information you want to clear (e.g. images).

How can you remove the most recent activity on Google Drive?
Click the 3 dots that appear on the item. Select Remove Now. If you’d like to delete everything, simply click the 3 dots above your most current entry, and select Select All.

How long will Google retain your history of searches?
Even if they do not take a decision, Google will automatically erase any searches on its website and apps for the period of 18 months. By default, Google’s local history is off but it will create an erase plan for 18 months when users choose to opt to enable it.

How can I remove Chrome activity?
To erase an account on your Google account, log in to My Activity within Your Activity in your Google account. In the upper right-hand corner of your screen click the vertical three dots. If you click Today an option drop-down menu will be displayed. To delete all your activities across all time intervals, choose”All time” from the drop-down menu.

How can I delete the Google search history from my iPhone?
Launch Google. Open the Google application on either your iPhone or iPad. Click on Google’s search feature. Look through all the results. Clean off the device history.

What can I do to erase my search history from my iPhone?
To erase your cookies and history To clear your history and cookies, head into the Settings tab, then Safari to Clear History, Website Data and Cookies. Removing all Website Data is the option you can use to clear your cookies and preserve your history.

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