How can I delete kik account without email?

Top Answer: Delete kik

  • Remember the email address you used to sign up for the service.
  • Fill out the information required to activate your Kik Account permanently. Kik will email you with a link to deactivate the account permanently.

How to Delete Your Kik Account permanently?

How To Delete Your Kik Account

What should you do if your Kik password or email is lost?
They will review your request and try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. This is the only way to reset your Kik password without sending an email. For assistance, you can call 1-800-479-6603

Can I permanently delete Kik?
It is simple to deactivate Kik. You can deactivate Kik to stop receiving messages, remove your username, and it won’t appear in your contact list. Your account will be reactivated if you sign in again to Kik.

Does deactivating Kik delete conversations?
You can also deactivate your Kik profile. After you deactivate your Kik account, nobody will be able to contact you, add you to Kik or view any chat conversations. They’ll be cached for a few days before being automatically deleted.

What length does Kik keep information for?
Kik stores only video and photos for 30 days. All data on a user’s server is permanently deleted after he or she is banned or inactive for more than 30 days. Some content data logs may be retained for a longer period of time due to our data retention policy and applicable law.

What is the average time messages last on Kik?
You can only view the 500 most recent messages from chats that have been open for more than two days. If you have had 600 communication within the last two days, you can view them on Kik for Android. Only 200 messages from old conversations will be saved to your phone.

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