delete badoo account on app

Top Answer: Delete badoo account

  • Open Badoo APP.
  • Open profile (you need to login or sign in if this option does not appear)
  • Tap on settings. Open Account.
  • Click delete account.
  • Click delete your account. Click continue.
  • Click no delete my account.

How to Delete Badoo Account 2022 (iPhone & Android)

How To Delete Badoo Account On Android/Iphone

What do I do? I erase my Badoo account from my iPhone 2021?
Access your Settings menu and click the Settings icon located in the upper right-hand corner. Scroll down until the bottom and click Delete Account. A window will pop up and you can select delete your account and continue. Choose a reason to leave Badoo before you Continue by clicking Continue.

What happens if you block your Badoo account? Badoo?
After you’ve removed your Badoo profile, it’s deleted from the application. You can sign in to the service to allow it to be reactivated.

Can you recover a deleted Badoo account?
You cannot erase any user account on Badoo. It will send a reactivation link to your registered email address which is a 30-day timeframe. To activate your Badoo account, you can use an email’s inbox or junk folder to access the email.

How can I turn off Badoo?
Log into the Badoo account. Open your profile. In the upper right corner click the ‘Settings’ tab. . Look for the Payment Settings section near the lower right on the page. Select “Unsubscribe” in the dropdown menu.

How do I set up an account on Badoo?
Choose “Create a new profile” from the drop-down menu. Sign up for a brand new account on by clicking “New Account.” Choose your gender as well as the purpose of signing up. Enter your name and birth date, as well as your email address and address. Choose a photo to use as an avatar. Check that you’ve verified your email

How can you change the email I use on Badoo?
Go to the settings for your account and then click the pencil icon beside the section titled “Your account. Enter the new email address and select ‘Save’ to confirm the change. You’ll be asked to input your current password to verify this.

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