Data not cleared sync and try again: How to fix Fitbit Versa 2


Top Answer: Data not cleared sync and try again

  • Start the app Settings > Clear Your User Data.
  • If you are asked by the screen, press it for 3 seconds, then release.
  • If your tracker vibrates, and the clock screen pops up the data will be erased.

Fitbit Versa How to Reset Back to Factory Settings

Reset Fitbit Versa 2, 3, & Sense (Soft Reset and Hard/Factory Reset) Smart Band Watch

Can I clear my Fitbit data?
Yes, you can erase all of your Fitbit data. To erase your data, simply open your Fitbit app and then tap on the “Account” option. Click “Delete Account” and follow the directions. After the account is deleted, all your data will be deleted.

What happens if I reset the factory of my Fitbit and vice versa?
If you reset your factory settings on your Fitbit Versa then the majority of the data you have stored will be deleted. This includes your exercise data as well as heart rate data as well as any other information you’ve stored on your device.

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Why is my Fitbit report that data is not cleared?
There are a variety of possible reasons why your Fitbit reports that your data is not cleared. One possible reason is that you haven’t yet completed the sync process. To find out, you must open the Fitbit app on your smartphone and ensure that your device is in Bluetooth range. If it shows up as a device in your list, tap it, then press the Sync button. If you’re not successful then try closing and reopening the application.

How do I clear my Fitbit?
To wipe out your Fitbit to clear your Fitbit, press the button located on the back to the unit for around 10 seconds until the word “Reset device” appears. After that, release the button, and watch for the tracker to reboot.

What can I do to restore the Versa Lite data not cleared?
If you’d like to erase your Versa Lite data not cleared it is possible to do this by taking these steps:
Start your Fitbit app and log in.
Click the account icon (top-left right-hand corner) and then choose Versa Lite Edition.
Scroll down, and click Factory Data Reset.
Press Reset Device and confirm the reset by tapping Reset once more.

What can I do to change the settings on my Fitbit versa data that has not been cleared and attempt to do it again?
Launch your Fitbit app and log in.
Tap the icon Account (top-left right-hand corner) followed by tapping Versa.
Scroll down, then click Reset Sync Data.
Tap Reset Sync Data again to confirm.

What do I do if my Fitbit states that data has not been cleared and then attempts to clear it to do it again?
If your Fitbit is reporting that data is not synced and you attempt to clear it again, attempt to clear the data from your Fitbit. To accomplish this, visit the Fitbit website and sign up. After you have registered, you must select”My Dashboard” and then click on the “My Dashboard” tab. On this tab, choose “Settings.” After you’re in the settings, look down to can see “Clear the Data.” Then, click on “Clear Data.

How can reset my Fitbit factory settings?
Reset your Fitbit to default settings:
Check that your Fitbit has been connected to your PC. Then launch the Fitbit application.
Select the gear symbol at the upper right-hand corner of the app.
Choose “Settings.”
Scroll to the bottom and choose “Factory Reset.”
Follow the instructions on the screen to reset your Fitbit.

How can reset my Versa Fitbit without the use of a phone?
If you’re not able to restart your Fitbit Versa follow the steps in the following article You can also try resetting it with your Fitbit app on a smartphone or computer.
Make sure that you have your Versa is connected to your Fitbit. Versa connects to your smartphone or laptop computer and has a fully charged battery.
Open the Fitbit app, and then select the “Devices” tab.
Select the Versa you want to reset and press on the “Reset” option.

How can I get rid of my Fitbit and versa 2?
There are several ways to erase your Fitbit from 2. The first method is to press the side button as well as hold it down till it appears that the Fitbit logo is displayed on the screen. Another option is to launch your Fitbit application on your smartphone and then go to Settings > Versa 2 > Devices Reset Device. The third option is to press and hold the button at the side of your versa 2 for around 10 seconds or so until it starts to restart.

Can be reset on the settings of a Fitbit in Lite mode?
Yes, it is possible to reset Fitbit to a previous version, namely Lite. To do this, press the back and side button until it appears that the Fitbit symbol appears. After that, release the buttons and then wait for the device’s restart to happen.

How can I reset my Versa and Fitbit Lite?
To reset your Versa Lite Fitbit:
Press and hold your left-hand button for around 10 seconds, until the Fitbit logo appears.
Release the button and press it again for another 10 minutes.
The watch will then restart and will be back to its original settings.

How do I shut off the Fitbit sense after it has been reset to factory default?
To disable your Fitbit sense following a factory reset
Press and hold the button located on the left of your device for around 10 seconds, until the display goes dark.
Take a moment and then press the button till the Fitbit symbol appears.
Release the button, and then let the device begin to boot up.
Hold and press the button located on the left of the gadget until “Power off” appears on the screen.

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