Why can’t I create pof account

Top Answer: Create pof account

  • It could be that there is an error in the spelling of your username or password.
  • It is possible that you have lost your username or password.
  • Your account might no longer be active.
  • Your account might be blocked.
  • You aren’t able to sign up for an account at the POF account due to the fact that the website is “prohibited to anyone who is under 18 years old.

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What is the reason POF not allowing me to sign up?
If you’re trying to sign up for the POF website but are not being accepted It is possible you already have an account with POF. If that occurs, it might be necessary to call customer service.

How do I create an entirely new POF account?
To create a fresh POF account, just go to the homepage and click “Sign Up.” You’ll have to enter the email and password along with your gender. It’s also necessary to input your birthday prior to making your submission.

How can I tell whether POF has been able to ban me?
If you have been barred from POF and you are banned, then you won’t be able to log in to your account. It is impossible of knowing the time you’ve been barred without first making an attempt to log in and access the website.

What is the reason why POF confirm my number?
There are many people who have experienced this problem. The most likely cause for this is that you are looking to confirm your number by using a phone number that is disconnected or has stopped working. If you’re using the same number it is possible the cell provider has changed your number and the account is no longer matching the account linked to POF. POF account.

Do you need to have two POF accounts?
Yes, you are able to use two POF accounts. It is not advised to have both accounts at the same time.

How do I verify my POF account?
If you sign-up to sign up for POF when you sign up for POF, the website will require verification of your number. It is also possible to verify your phone number by logging in and then clicking “Edit Profile” on the upper right-hand corner of the page. Underneath your name is a button that reads “Verify Phone Number.” When you click it, it prompts you to input your phone number and send a text message with an identifier to the number.

Did POF delete my account?
This question is for those who have used the popular dating application POF. If you’re not one of them and you are not a member of POF, then don’t answer this question.

How do I remove myself from POF?
The image may be in violation of rules of conduct applicable to the website. Photos that contain nudity, drugs or alcohol aren’t permitted such as.

What caused POF to remove my photo?
I’m not sure however I’d guess that there was a violation of their terms and conditions of use or you were investigated.

Why doesn’t POF take my email address?
In general, the majority of email providers will not permit you to sign up for an email address which is already used by another person.

Is POF decreasing within the US?
I’m unable to address this issue directly However, but I can assure you that there are many other dating websites that you can use.

How can I log in to the abundance of fish?
You can sign in to Plenty of Fish at any time by visiting the Plenty of Fish website, and clicking “Login.” From there, you’ll be asked to input an email address as well as a password.

Can I get my POF account back?
The person who made this POF account will be the last one who is able to retrieve it.

What is a POF account?
POF is an abbreviation for Plenty of Fish. an online dating website with more than 20 million users.

How can you be free from POF?
If you have been barred from POF You will have to contact the site to ask for your account to be restored. This can be done by sending them an email at support@pof.com.

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