Combine CSV File Mac

combine csv file mac


An extension of CSV is comma-separated values. Combine CSV file mac, SEO professionals deal with CSVs all the time – combining, cleaning, analyzing, etc.

On a Mac, I am showing you how to easily combine and merge several CSV files into one CSV file using this article.

It is still possible to do this manually on a Mac using the video that I made back in the day. However, since then, many people have asked about doing it on a PC.

If you’ve got multiple CSV or Excel documents that you would like to put together, follow this easy method to merge them quickly by using the built-in “terminal” on your Mac.

How to Combine CSV Files Mac

First, create a brand new folder

Create an entirely brand new folder on your Desktop and then put every one of the CSV files into it.

I’ll call mine “combine”.

Step 2 – Open Terminal

The application “Terminal” is located in your “Applications” folder under “Utilities”

Applications > Utilities > Terminal

Step 3 – Print Working Directory

It’s a fancy name. Do not worry about it. Follow the instructions.

1. Type: “PWD” 

2. Press enter

“PWD” means “Print Working Directory”. It’s a simple way of showing the “directory” the Terminal has chosen. Don’t be concerned about it. Simply keep going.

Step 4 – Select the folder that you created.

Create Your “directory” to the folder you’ve created, which has your CSV files.

1. Type: “cd /Users/devin/Desktop/combine” 

2. Enter. 

Note: you have to alter the path to your file so that it matches your username and the name of your folder.

Step 5: Merge the two files

You are now ready to combine your files.

1. Type: “cat *.csv >combined.csv” 

2. Press enter

Step 6: Check your folder

If you’ve done your homework exactly, then you’re finished!

In your folder, there is the file titled “combined.csv”

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