Can You Control What You say After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

can you control what you say after wisdom teeth removal


Wisdom teeth are the teeth grown in the third row of molars when you become an adult. The reason behind the removal of wisdom teeth is that we don’t have enough space in our mouth which doesn’t allow the teeth to grow properly which irritates them. This article will explain in detail of can you control what you say after wisdom teeth removal.

That is why its removal is better. Wisdom teeth removal is a pain full process that requires some range of anesthesia.

The behavior of patient after anesthesia:

  • Anesthesia influences the central nervous system which affects the consciousness of the human brain.
  • Can you control what you say after wisdom teeth removal? It can be difficult to control what you are saying because of anesthesia you lose consciousness but this state will not remain long.
  • It lasts 
  • It happens in very rare cases where people experience dementia. Which takes some time to recover. Adults and old people mostly suffer from this disease.
  • For fewer side effects you should remove your wisdom teeth in your teenage.

Types of anesthesia:

There are many types of anesthesia used in the wisdom teeth removal process.

Local anesthesia:

  • It only desensitizes the area in which the procedure has to occur.
  • You stay in your senses.
  • The anesthesia is given in your mouth with the help of an injection.
  • You may feel some sort of irritation and pressure during the treatment.

Conscious sedation:

  • This anesthesia contains sedatives.
  • Sedatives make your body relax and sleepy. You may be somehow conscious.
  • This anesthesia is given to you by oral pill, mask, IV, or injection.

General anesthesia:

  • These sedatives can make you feel like you’re in a coma.
  • You are senseless and you don’t know what’s happening around.
  • These sedatives are given to you by mask or IV.

Effects of anesthesia mentally:

  • Lethargy
  • Uncertainty
  • Feebleness
  • Memory issues
  • Lack of self-control
  • Unclear vision 
  • Un coordinated movements

Effects of anesthesia physically:

  • Headache
  • Terrified
  • Urinating problems
  • Nausea
  • Fever

Research about the effect of anesthesia on memory:

Research about general anesthesia in 2020 found that you can remember your personal information better as compared to the numbers sequence.

According to this research, anesthesia affects working memory more than reference memory. It mostly happens to old age people.

Tips for self-control:

  • First of all, the medical team will help you in this matter. They will keep it a secret whatever you say.
  • Ask a trustworthy person who understands you to drop you home.
  • Take your time till you are fully recovered.
  • Stay calm and quiet in a peaceful environment.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption for 2 to 3 days and also shouldn’t drive these days
  • Follow your doctor’s prescription for quick recovery.

Which food should I eat after the treatment?

  • cottage cheese
  • apple sauce
  • pudding
  • soup
  • mashed potatoes
  • smoothies
  • Juices

Which foods should you avoid?

  • Extremely hot and cold food
  • Drinking from straw
  • Slurping vigorously
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Eat slowly
  • Hard food 


Teeth that grow in the third row of molars are called wisdom teeth. They are the last teeth to grow in your mouth. They come usually between the ages of 17 and 21. As some people don’t have enough space in their mouth to accommodate it within the mouth until and unless they shift their other teeth. This causes many problems in the mouth.

This leads to wisdom teeth removal treatment. It is very common and is recovered within a few days after the surgery.

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