what does bendejo mean in Spanish?

Top Answer: Bendejo meaning

The term bendejo is a derogatory word employed in Spanish to describe people who are stupid or foolish.

What does Bendejo Mean

What does Cabrona mean?

What is the meaning of Bendejo?
Bendigo is a Spanish word which means brave.

Does Bendejo mean in Mexican?
Sure, Bendejo is a Mexican word meaning “coward.

What is Bandajo?
Bandajo is a term in the Filipino language that translates to “a young, unmarried female..

What is Ben Da Ho mean?
Ben Da Ho is a Vietnamese expression that translates to “big brother.

What do you mean by bro in Spanish the slang?
“Bro” in Spanish, “bro” is translated as “hermano”, which means “brother”.

What is the meaning of paisa in Mexican?
Paisa is a term that is used to refer to Mexican Spanish to refer to an amount of currency. The term comes from the term “peso”, which is the official name of Mexico’s currency.

What do you think OILO refers to in Spanish the Spanish language?
In the Spanish language “OILO” stands for “Oh I love you!”

What is the meaning of these in the slang?
Ese is a Spanish word which means “that one.” In the slang world, ese can be used to describe anyone who is stylish and tough. It can also refer to someone who is stylish, tough or.

What does the word “bruh” mean in Spanish?
“Bruh” is a word that is used in Spanish that shares a similar meaning to the English word “bro.” It is usually used to describe male acquaintances or friends.

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What is the proper word for the best friend in Spanish?
The word used to describe your best friend in Spanish”amigo” is “amigo.

How do you say no in Spanish?
“No” is a translation of “no” in Spanish. It could also translate into “not” or “nope”.

What does que onda mean?
Que Onda is a Mexican Spanish expression that is usually used to greet someone or to inquire as to what someone’s doing. It can translate to “what’s up?” or “what’s going on?”

What are some slang terms in Spanish?
There are numerous phrases that are slang in Spanish however, here are some of the most well-known ones: * “Pendejo” – This is one of the words that can be used to refer to people who are dumb or irritating.

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